Increasing the number of ranks a character has in an existing Speciality by 1 costs the new number of ranks multiplied by 10. Thus, increasing a Speciality from 2 ranks to 3 would cost 30 XP

Learning 1 rank of a new Speciality costs 20 XP, and the character should either have access to a teacher (which may be another player character) or have been using this Speciality untrained frequently and/or for some time.

Learning a new spell costs 10 XP per power cost of the spell.

Power can be bought for 10 XP each.

Characters cannot learn Sorcerer or Priest, or equivalent Specialities, after character creation, as these take years to learn. Character with existing psychic powers may learn new ones, as new Specialities, but non-psychic characters may not become psychic after character creation.

Attributes can be increased for the new score multipled by 5.


Generic, Endlessly Applicable Roleplay System (3rd Ed.) DrMagister