If psychic characters are available in your game, use the rules below:

Unlike magic, psychic characters buy their powers as Specialities, with each psychic ability bought as a separate Speciality. All psychic characters must take at least 1 point of the Psychic Speciality. This simply reflects the fact that they have psychic abilities, and allows them to choose Psychic Powers.

Each power must be taken as a separate Speciality, requiring points to be spent on it as normal. No Psychic Power may have more ranks than the Psychic Speciality.

For example, a character could put 2 ranks into Psychic, and could then take as many powers as they like (assuming they have enough Speciality Points), but no power can have more than 2 ranks in it.

Most Psychic Powers can be resisted by the target, either using their Psychic Speciality or their Knowledge -4, modified by the degree of success of the user. Successfully resisting a Psychic Power reduces the defender’s Knowledge by 1 in the same way as using a Power, and is recovered the same way.

Each time a Psychic Power is used, the character’s Knowledge stat is temporarily reduced by 1 (thus reducing all Specialities based on it, including all Psychic Powers). These lost points are recovered at a rate of 1 per hour of sleep a character has, up to a maximum of 10.

In settings that also include Bionics, Psychics may never take implants that are fitted to the head, including brain and eye implants, since these interfere with the delicate electrical signals of a Psychic’s mind.

Psychic Powers:

Mind Reading
This is the ability to read surface thoughts. The target may attempt to resist. Attempting to read deeper or hidden thoughts can be attempted, but with a penalty.

Mind Control
This is the ability to control the victim’s actions. The target may resist, and the user may do nothing else while they are controlling the victim. The target may make a fresh attempt to resist every 5 minutes.

The extremely handy ability to broadcast thoughts to a specific person or persons with 50 yards.

Combat Sensing
This is a specialised form of mind reading that allows the user to read an opponent’s immediate intentions, giving the user a greater chance of defending themselves. It has to be rolled at the start of each round of combat, costing 1 current Knowledge each time it’s used, and the target may resist, which also costs 1 Knowledge, as usual. If successful, the user gains a defence bonus equal to the amount the opponent failed by divided by 2.

Mind Sensing
This is the ability to sense living minds in an area around the caster of up to 50 yards. The user can sense the presence and number of minds, their direction(s) and whether they are human or animal, and whether they are psychic. This can be resisted to avoid detection, and a successful roll can be used to detect if the user is being sensed.

Ability to disrupt brain activity, stunning or incapacitating a victim for a number of rounds equal to the degree of success/degree of target’s failure divided by 2.


Generic, Endlessly Applicable Roleplay System (3rd Ed.) DrMagister