Sample Campaign Setting- Anno Geometrica

Anno Geometrica is an Alternative History setting, designed for adventures set between the last quarter of the 17th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

The game is set in a history almost identical to our own in every respect up to a certain point. In the year 1666 things start changing. Even by then, some things have diverged from our own history, but 1666 is where it all really begins to differ, and differ wildly. It is the year that man discovers Applied Universal Geometry, the underlying mathematical system that governs the physical universe. By mastering these principles, it is possible to create extra-natural effects akin to the magical spells of myth and legend.

This game is really designed for two different settings: Swashbuckling adventure in the 18th century, with glittering swords and flashing flintlocks, or the steampunk world of the 19th century, with its extra-naturally Enhanced steam technology. Both work equally well and there is a large degree of overlap within the game’s background.

Whatever period your game is set, your players may become Geometricians, with awesome powers at their command, or more versatile but ordinary heroes; soldiers, explorers, thieves and spies. Anything is possible, for this is the Age of Wonders, the Age of Miracles: This is Anno Geometrica!


Sample Campaign Setting- Anno Geometrica

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