Magic is wielded both by good mages, fighting against the forces of chaos, and by evil sorcerers, seeking to use their powers to destroy their foes and dominate others. Similar to these sorcerous powers are the holy (and unholy) Divine Spells of devout priests and clerics, channeling the power of their gods to bless and blast, smite and heal.

To successfully cast a spell or Divine Spell requires a successful roll against your rating in Sorcerer or Priest. If you do not have either of these, you may not attempt to cast spells. Also, mages cannot use priestly Divine Spells, and priests cannot cast Sorcerous Spells, although it is perfectly possible for a character to have points in both these Specialities. If you fail, you have misremembered the words and gestures required, or your god has not responded to your Divine Spell, and it simply fails to work. However, you still lose the Power cost of the spell or Divine Spell.

In the event of a critical failure however, something has gone very wrong, and a random blast of energy racks the caster’s body, doing 1-5 points of Durability damage, and temporarily decreases their Knowledge by 1-5 points.

In the event of a critical success, you have done the spell exactly right, or your god has found you especially worthy and, if it has a numerical range of effects, works to maximum effect. Any spells or Divine Spells that do not have a range of effects, such as Deflect, simply work as normal.

The easiest spells and smallest Divine Spells, and the cheapest to make in terms of energy and concentration, consist of a single word and a gesture. More demanding, powerful powers require paragraphs of words and complex gestures and hand movement, and are much harder to make correctly. the most powerful require lengthy, complicated rituals, and a single word or gesture made incorrectly would mean that the entire spell would fail.

Spells costing 1-3 power take effect immediately.
Spells costing 4-6 power take 1 full turn to cast, taking effect during the next turn.
Spells costing 8 power take 1 minute to cast.
Spells costing 10 power take 5 minutes to cast.
Spells costing 12 power take 30 minutes turns to cast.

If the caster is attacked or otherwise distracted during this time, the spell will fail, costing the caster the normal amount of Power.


For a wizard to cast a spell requires large amounts of energy, and they draw this from their very lifeforce. Apprentices spend long hours learning to refine and channel this potent energy into a form that can be more efficiently transformed into magical power.

Priests require inner calm, concentration and faith, channeling the pure essence of their deity in order to bring their Divine Spells into reality. Novices must meditate and sit through vigils of contemplation, learning to achieve this level of religious devotion

In game terms, both kinds of character work in the same way. Your character will have a starting reserve of Power, gained from the years he spent being taught magic or trained in the mysteries of his faith. Each point put into Sorcerer or Priest gives the character 3 Power points to start with.

The character can increase this (which your character does not have to do if they so choose), by sacrificing Attribute Points at character creation. Every Attribute Point increases the character’s starting Power by 3 points.

Power recovers at a rate of 5 points a day, assuming reasonable amounts of rest and food.


A sorcerer or priest will start with 3 Power points worth of spells for each rank he has in the Sorcerer or Priest Speciality. Beginning characters may only take spells costing 5 Power or less.

Unless stated in the spell description, all spells have a range of 10 feet, and last for one minute. The range can be increased by 5 feet or the duration can be increased by 30 seconds per extra point of Power spent when casting the spell.

The spells available are listed below:

Sorcerous Spells
Divine Spells


Generic, Endlessly Applicable Roleplay System (3rd Ed.) DrMagister